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dedicated to research into accessability

dedicated to research into accessability

dedicated to research into accessability

june 2009

regarding Beatriz s doctoral research into ‘extraordinary costs of living’, to which this thread belongs, and whose original text presense has sadly vanished…here s an opportunity for a cooperative agreement to study, that sprouted today
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april 2009

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Actually ,I think it is not only a matter of being equal .It is a matter of being faire .So choices have to be wide and diversity of additional needs responded to .

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Sylvana Lakkis


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I agree with Kicki and also with Kim. We need to raise this topic as human rights and equality of opportunities issue. In US the concept of equality still remain as just the same standard rules imposed for all. There are a big gap in the ADA regarding the cost of disability when we are talking about labor inclusion in private companies.

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Pamela M.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 8:25 AM, V wrote:

Hello Beatriz. Thankyou very much for making this bone of contention the focus of your thesis. As a registered visually impaired woman, everyday living enhancements are many and varied, but well out of my budget. One example of major improvement that i consider an on~going study in terms of’ wishlist’~only attainable should my residual income increase by some miracle, would have to be computer hardware, software and peripherals. The RAM in my now sadly old laptop cannot cope with the memory required for preferred text to speech software such as dolphin, windows eyes professional and jaws, coupled with the astronomical costs of such speech software, has me resorting to making do with 10 minute and 1hour trial software downloads, each requiring a restart to reuse. There is generic, microsoft assessibility inherent in all windows programs, however, microsoft s free assessibily programs do not stretch to anything other than the equivalent of a sighted person reading the headlines of a newspaper.Whilst i ve developed the patience of a saint, alas, i m not developing my potential for communication, education and social networking, all of which are just afterall the very basics we should all be entitled, within our grasp. These issues are surely tantamount to a need, initially for the creation of a Human Rights Advocacy Service Framework, perhaps a feasibily report could be funded by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Until such a framework is realised we can only moan and live in helpless hope about the cost of living!

If you could kindly direct me to further reading on issues surrounding your thesis Beatriz it would be much appreciated, you have my support and i would dearly like to help. My special quality is the synergy of notion.

Best wishes, kim…

yes. thankyou. now my thoughts are of interlocking building techniques
oui. merci. maintenant mes pensées sont des techniques de verrouillage de bâtiment


advocacy awareness plee

Thankyou for your participatory glance on this community shift toward advocacy service synergy climate change. Participatory approaches keep development concerns at the core and people as central focus are key here. Please vote in the embedded poll. Comments and critisism are most welcome.

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