N o t i o n Synergy coordinates the initiative in London, linked internationally by otherness advocacy equality challengers, to address the n o t i o n of providing long-term access to advocacy service facilitation and diversity within equality frameworks, with access to cultural comparison studies tallied by global statistics gathered from shifting independent sources, such as inclusive information technologies villages that are not necessarily technology led.

Production, and the protection of human ecosystem services as semi permanant grafted n o t i o n s. These services are critical to the survival of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities including refugees and internally displaced people, which sadly include disabled natives, registered or otherwise.

A Global N o t i o n Synergy Initiative aims to:

Establish appropriate and sustainable advocacy service delivery, by independent frameworks or allied to those who support diversity over equality.
Empower local communities to govern and manage their advocacy service resources
Strengthen understanding and sustainable management of advocacy service resources through protection of social conservation
Address transboundary issues in cultural management
Strengthen integrated advocacy framework management policy and legislation with respect to tenure of human resources environments
Build capacity and understanding among the relevant authorities to support participatory and accountable decision making
Share information on the successes and failures of advocacy service interventions
Facilitate inter-governmental coordination and cooperation.

Thankyou for your participatory glance on this community shift toward advocacy service synergy climate change. Participatory approaches keep development concerns at the core and people as central focus are key here. Comments and critisism are most welcome.

Kim Parkinson
N o t i o n Synergist
registered sight~not insight~impaired human