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forwarded by kim a forward by Jan Welsman from Benefits and Work Group
Dear Subscriber,
Claimants have just 100 days to prevent their DLA and AA being abolished.
A government green paper has revealed proposals to stop paying ‘disability benefits, for example, attendance allowance’’ and hand the cash over to social services instead.
Under the plan, current claimants would have their disability benefits converted to a ‘personal budget’ administered by local authorities and used to pay for services – not to spend as they wish.
Once the green paper consultation period ends in 100 days time, if an almighty row has not been raised, it is likely that both major political parties will see the lack of outrage as a green light to end both DLA and AA.
We’re looking for a minimum of 1,000 claimants, carers and support workers to join our campaign to save these benefits from being abolished.
Find out how you can take part from this link:
We know that many people will take false comfort from the fact that, unlike AA, DLA is not specifically named as being for the axe. But if the government was planning only to abolish AA it is extremely unlikely that they would refer constantly throughout the green paper to ‘disability benefits’, a term which includes not just AA but also DLA.
Others will dismiss this as just another idle discussion document and our concerns as scare mongering.
But it’s much more than that.
36 meetings have already been organised around the country for people working in government and the caring professions to meet to be told about the setting up of a new National Care Service which would oversee the system. In addition, a stakeholders panel of more than 50 voluntary sector organisations, trades unions and academics has been established to offer advice to the government.
Some organisations and individuals, such as RNIB and welfare rights worker Neil Bateman writing for Community Care magazine, have already voiced their alarm.
But not every disability organisation is opposed to the proposals and some even agree with them.
In a press release, Disability Alliance has welcomed the publication of the green paper and said that it ‘looks forward to working alongside Government and all the other stakeholders in bringing these plans into fruition.’ They have even said that they agree that there is a case for ‘integrating disability benefits such as attendance allowance’ into the new system.
One thing everyone does seem to agree on is that huge cuts in public spending will have to take place in the next few years as a result of the credit crunch and global recession.
Political parties are desperately looking for the softest targets to be the victims of these cuts. Dismissing the green paper’s proposals as hot air and not worth worrying about could be the costliest mistake you ever make.
Find out more about the proposed abolition of DLA and AA and how you can join our campaign to fight back:
Good luck,
Steve Donnison
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shadow play 5


i have created a petition against inconsiderate law projects at the San Juan estuary community in Puerto Rico, that require global awareness, in order that this landshare community don t get picked on to much.

the matter was brought to my attention by the creator of MyarchN.ning Rafael Marxuch, who created this social network for architects and enthusiasts alike.

also, embedded in the petition is a link to architecture for humanity, a global network who actively engage with the donated professional services of designers, to give a damn.
i hope this is helpful, thanks for your support.

best wishes and sparkly joy,

advocacy awareness plee

Thankyou for your participatory glance on this community shift toward advocacy service synergy climate change. Participatory approaches keep development concerns at the core and people as central focus are key here. Please vote in the embedded poll. Comments and critisism are most welcome.

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