i m a long cane user, registered partially sighted in left eye 2004, with a progressive condition in the RP set. Blind since birth in right eye…
have received mobility training with guidedogs UK, but was a very bad mobility student at first, with a tendency to hug walls so i had a more tangible reality on my whereabouts…as a result of this have become very knowledgeble on the subject of architecture and have a vested interest in architectural theory. Perhaps a course would complement the aees.co.uk (centre for alternative energy, Machynnleth, Wales) i had to intermit from in 2004.
Howerver, I m not sure if a guide dog be a good idea, as there are many practicalities to consider in an urban environment, there will always be a cream bun lying around on london s confectionary ridden streets, and a dog is indeed a dog in such situations!!!
photography was one of my majors when i studied art and design history with fine art practice B A years ago,,,where my practice was intuited by uses of photography 19C and 20C and urban ecology,
also by modernism in design, locating modernism, post modern cinema, spiritual life, has culminated in an eclectic personal style that i prefer to think of as documents of light and frozen sketches…
In 2006, after finding some 16track software for 25pence in a cancer research charity shop, have developed an interest in creating sound sculptures, which i fuse into montages of the frozen sketches…just because i can!

More recently i ve become an advocate for accessibility at architecture for humanity s newest chapter in New Delhi, which was at first hosted by the Ning social network, a year later becoming incorporated into the main AforH web frame.
architecture for humanity are an international charity who encourage design professionals to donate time and skills to projects that wouldn t ordinarily be realised, in other words, to design like we give a damn.

a lot of reading on human rights has been difficult to organise objectively, due to the cultural and political differences of so many countries, which seems to inflict apathy on so many organisations, in my opinion due to a lack of graft~advocacy, which has led me to further investigate how

and social networks
such as wecando.org

encounter the social elements of edgy, grassroots benevelence.
thus, notion synergy was born.

thankyou for taking the time to meander my brook of consciousness